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You can sell your home in less than two weeks, starting now. Sound impossible? It's not. We have a simple and straightforward approach to purchasing homes all across the Lakes Area. We start with the basics, like market price, and work from there. Once we agree on a price and a method of transferring the property, it's a done deal. Sound simple? It is!

The secret to selling your home fast is our company, Lakes Area Home Buyers. We work with a group of statewide investors who like to move quickly when they see a great buy. We are not realtors. Realtors have their place and we do partner with many of them across this market, but we prefer to buy the home directly from you, the seller. The more people that get involved, the more money gets lost to these third parties.

I like to keep things simple. One buyer, one seller. I will meet with you and lay out a possible approach, if you like it, we agree, if not, I wish you luck, we'll shake hands, and I'll leave. There are no pressure tactics, no scams, and no schemes. I want to make sure you are satisfied with the deal we put together. If not, I don't want to enter into a business deal with you. We both need to feel comfortable about moving forward.

Sure, you can list your home with an agent. The time it takes to sell may depend upon some unforeseen market forces, weather, time-of-year, your agent's motivation for selling your house. If you were an agent, and you had 1000s of listings at your fingertips through the multiple listing source (MLS), would you concentrate on one home in particular? That's right, your home will become just one of millions.

How long can you wait? A listing will expire after 3 months, then what? Reevaluate the price? A major face-lift? Reconsider maybe not selling? This isn't even mentioning the hundreds of people who will be traipsing through your home, looking IN your cupboards, and criticizing your decorating.

This will be a win situation for you. We can buy your home and best yet, you'll get to move out when you want. No pressure of double payments while you wait until your home sells. No pressure of trying to find something that you like while an impending close date approaches.

Here is a summary of some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Rapid, flexible sale of your home: You pick the day you'd like to move. We can complete most of our paper work within 10 days. With us, you won't have to show your house anymore. We typically only show your home after you've decided to move out.

  • Certainty of Sale: When we buy your home, it happens within 10 days. No longer do you have to wait up to 45-60 days for a potential buyer to back out or to fail to get financing. Our commitment sticks and we back it up with a guarantee of service.

  • Avoid Sales Commissions: Avoid the 7% commission fee. This fee can be up to tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Iron Clad Agreements: We provide you with written, notarized and recordable agreements. Remember, we're buying your home and follow all the laws regulated by the State of Minnesota or Wisconsin.

The typical process begins with a phone call to find out a little bit about the home you're interested in selling. We usually like to find out some preliminary information like the desirability of the home, mortgage information and your timing and motivation.

Next, we'll meet in your home and together work to figure out a way in which we can buy your house. We work very hard to help each person that calls our office. We can usually come to some agreement that will work for both parties. As professional home buyers we obviously have to make a profit, but most of that will come from our end buyer. We want to offer you a fair price which makes sense for both of us. In preparation for our first meeting, we usually perform a market analysis to determine the approximate value of a home like yours in surrounding neighborhoods.

While we're in your home, you can show us any repairs or cosmetic improvements that you were going to attend to. Those are types of things we love to fix. We then agree on a schedule for signing documents and for change of possession. We can be very flexible on our date of possession, but once the date is set, we want to make sure the home will be available for our cleaning and painting crews, as well as initiation of our advertising.

After this meeting, we run a title search to make sure there are no encumbrances that would cloud the title when we next meet. This search takes about two days, but provides us both with the certainty of the ownership, status of the liens, and gives us the exact legal description for creating a Warranty Deed.

If we agree to move forward, we'll meet again to sign all the forms. The Warranty Deed and the Power of Attorney require notarization. Several copies of each are signed, and you get one copy of each document for your records.

Our last meeting is when your moving vans are loading your possessions. At this brief meeting, we ask that you give us the garage door openers, keys and a list of all the utility companies. We will contact them to switch payment of the services. Since we're going to send in a cleaning crew, there is no need for you to spend much time making your home pretty as you move out. However, we recognize the pride that you have in your home and we always appreciate the Sellers housekeeping efforts when they move out.

After you leave, we provide a cleaning and maintenance effort to assure that the home is in 'move-in' condition. Typically we don't show homes more than 3 or 4 times to prospective tenant/buyers. Using our techniques for advertising and qualifying, tenant/buyers have few reasons not to sign an agreement to purchase the home.

What About....
We're sure that you have questions. Here are answers to a few of the more commonly asked questions.

We can understand your concern. We'll meet face-to-face after you call. You'll find we don't make empty promises. We shoot straight and we know the real estate business. We believe we can create a solution that will work for both of us. If not, or if you are not comfortable after we meet, we'll shake hands and go our separate ways. We want you to be confident, and able to sleep well every night without worrying about your home or your payments. We're willing to devote our time and resources to your house, but only if you feel comfortable with that arrangement.

Remember, that is our problem. If they don't pay, we will. We have to; we own the house, and have legal fiduciary responsibility to pay.

We provide a $300 finder’s fee to you if you refer someone to us that ends up contracting for one of our homes. When they sign the lease, we’ll send you the fee.

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